4G Wireless

4G and 5G Wireless

LTE , Fixed LTE , Microwave wireless platform and solutions from Elite Telecom substantially increases range and coverage, while reducing the cost and complexity typically associated with LTE networks.

Elite has been a source of reliable 4G and 5G wireless service. That means streaming and making connections with the newest technology out there.

Microwave wireless systems 

Microwave transport is a choice selection for transport technology. For high terrain or extreme-ly remote areas, Elite transmission designs featur-ing wireless networks have proven to be more cost-effective than new wireline facilities, which incur high labor and deployment costs. Key fac-tors such as rights of way, availability of power along the right of way, trenching, and cable pro-curement do not become issues with microwave wireless network systems.

Beyond product offerings, Elite provides the vast selection of support services that are required to successfully commission a microwave transport solution; we ensure that projects are designed and delivered correctly, on time and within budget. We utilize highly skilled personnel for the design, planning, scheduling, installation, com-missioning and overall management of a micro-wave solution program to improve all microwave radio communications.

Elite provides a solid foundation for mission-critical networks today and continually fosters a vision for the future.