Elite Main Services


 Wireless Networking

Wireless Solutions for connectivity deliver characteristically robust, extreme-distance/high-bandwidth performance. With built-in security encryption, at speeds of up to Gigabits , our solutions can be used to transmit signals as far as hundreds Km.Making faster and better business deci-sions requires access to vital data in all types of situations. Our Wireless Connectiv-ity Solutions include WiMax, WiFi and Mi-crowave, which all deliver an unmatched combination of range, capacity, security, and reliability, in every challenging envi-ronment.


Fiber optics and FTTx

You will find various fiber offers for high-bit rate and long transmission distances. Cables are provided to our customers according to their specifications and preferable for their individual project needs. The primary focus is to have your opera-tion running.

Copper and Structure Cabling

Discovering the perfect solution for your cabling infrastructure is a difficult task. Elite will help you understand the distinct properties of each solution. Elite offers structured copper cabling which gives you Power over Ethernet (PoE). This provides you the ability to power phones, surveillance cameras, Wireless Access Points (WAPs), and many other devices right through the networking cable itself. That means that you don’t have to schedule an electrician in to run power to your sur-veillance cameras to power them. Another advantage is the ability to have an emergency power supply that will continue powering mission critical de-vices even if your electricity goes out. Also, most PC’s come with copper NIC cards which saves you the money you would need to buy network cards. Copper is known for its flexibility, so TDM environments are built to run on copper infrastructures.